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I Frogee Baby Care Products

1)  'I Frogee' Baby Care Products: Diaper Bags (Boxy Messenger Style, Travel Size, Multi-Function), Backpacks, Blankets, Bibs, Pillows, Baby Tents, Squeaky Shoes, Gift Packs, Baby Bedding, etc.

Oriental Apparel

2) Oriental Apparel: For women/men/children including: Dresses (Cheongsam, Qi Pao), Blouses, Jackets, Kung Fu Suits, Silk Robes, Halter Tops, Pants, Slippers & Shoes, etc.


3) Oriental Handbags: Total 9 categories, small, medium, feathered, cosmetic, calligraphy, Take-Out-Box, tote & travel bags, backpacks, mini purses (including coin purse, cell phone holder, lipstick case, mini mirrors, jewelry boxes) & wallets, diaper bags, sheer organza gift bags (including wedding favor bag, jewelry pouch), etc.  Butterfly brocade, dragonfly brocade, dragon brocade, Fortune Flower brocade & many other Chinese fabrics.

Chinese Cork Sculptures

4) Chinese Cork Sculptures: We have the largest selections of cork art in the North America.  From mini size to giant floor display. Oriental Garden scene with panda bears, peacocks, cranes, elephants, deer, leopard, wolf.  Also some Limited Editions.

Chinese KitesAKA LogoMerchant Member

5) Chinese Kites: All of our kites are made in Weifang, China, a famous 'City of Kites'.    We have silknylon and paper kites available in DragonsButterflies, Catfish, Cicadas, Dragonflies, Goldfish, Eagles, Elephants, FlyDragons, Bats, Bees, Crabs, Frogs, Wild Goose Kite, Turtles, Owls, Parrot, Phoenix, Panda Bears, Pterosaur, Seagull, Snake, Chinese traditional Swallow kites, Swans, Mini decorative kites, flying tools, etc. Educational kites now available. Sport Kites (stunt kites) will be added to our kite lines in 2012

We start carrying XKites® products now.  Visit licensed Angry Birds page here.

6) Oriental Home Decor Items (including table runners, pillow cases, dinner sets),  satin brocade fabric, wooden clocks, art glass & Much More......


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