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Flat Nylon Kites

Great for flying!

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Nylon Gold Fish Kites

Made of nylon fabric, bamboo frames.
Come with connecting string (string and fly kit not included)
Measures 36"W x 42"H
Packed in plastic bag (2 kites per bag)

Price: $2.50 ea (Minimum order 1 dozen)

Green nylon goldfish kite Orange nylon goldfish kite Purple flat goldfish kite Red nylon goldfish kite
Green Orange Purple Red

Large Flat Dragon

Colors: RED and GREEN

Size: 19" W x 76" H
Frame: Bamboo sticks, hand-tied
Material: Nylon
With connecting string, not come with fly kit (may purchase separately)

*Price: $3.50 ea

Item #FlatDragon-GR
Item #FlatDragon-RD

Flat Nylon Butterfly Kites

-Measures 36"W x 30"H

-Hand-made, hand-tied frame made of bamboo sticks

-Great flying kite (with connecting string, flying string not included, can be purchased separately)

-Packed in plastic bag (2 kites per bag)

*Price: $1.50 ea

Item #FlatBfl-BU-OR
Blue & Orange
Item #FlatBfl-GR-BU
Green & Blue
Item #FlatBfl-PK-RD
Pink & Red

Traditional Chinese Kite - Swallow

沙燕 (SHA YAN)

-Bamboo-Framed (Now foldable)
-Little Assemble Required
-Packed in plastic bag
-Hand-Painted Swallow Image
-Unique Colorful Home Decor & Great Collectible Kite
-With connecting string, fly string not included
-Size: 29 1/2"W x 30"H

*Price: $4.00 ea

Item #Nylon-Swallow-BT
Swallow Kite w/Bat & Peaches
Item #Nylon-Swallow-DR
Swallow Kite w/Dragons
Item #Nylon-Swallow-LT
Swallow Kite w/Mandarin Ducks
Item #Nylon-Swallow-BT-Black
Swallow Kite w/Black Bats
Item #Nylon-Swallow-FS-Black/Red
Swallow Kite w/Fish (Black-Red)
Item #Nylon-Swallow-FS-Blue/Red
Swallow Kite w/Fish (Blue-Red)
Item #Nylon-Swallow-FS-Red/Green
Swallow Kite w/Fish (Red-Green)

Medium Size - Swallow (SHA YAN)

-Bamboo-Framed (not foldable);
-Hand-Painted Swallow Image;
-No lead installed (Can fly if you attach string on it);
-Size: 21"W x 21"H

-Price: $2.50 ea
Item # Swallow-FR-M
Medium Swallow Kite w/Frogs

Flat Nylon Dragonfly

Out of Stock

-Size: 36"W x 38"L
-Frame made of bamboo sticks
-With connecting string, string and fly kit not included

*Price: $2.50 ea

Item # FlatDfly-GRN
Item # FlatDfly-PNK
Item # FlatDfly-RED
Item # FlatDfly-YLW

Peking Opera Kites
Item #manfacekite

Warrior Face From Peking Opera

Out of Stock

Size: 18"W x 55"H

*Price: $3.00 ea

Item #ladyfacekite

Lady Face From Peking Opera

Size: 13 1/2"W x 77"H

*Price: $2.50 ea


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