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Largest Selection of Cork Arts in North America

Cork Sculpture (also known as Cork Picture or Cork Carvings) is a traditional Chinese artwork. Every single piece was hand carved and glued together to make a scene. Wood-framed with clear glass protection. Lacquer painted and nature air-dried, shinning and lasting for years as an oriental treasure.  Frame colors: Black or Red.


How To Order:

1) Online Small Orders (Amount under $300, weight under 200 lbs): Simply go to our online Wholesale Store and add the quantities you need to your shopping cart. Real-time transaction (Major credit cards, PayPal, Google Checkout accepted), shipping cost (FedEx or USPS Priority Mail) calculated automatically.

2) Fax Order: If you prefer placing the order by fax, fill out our 'Order Form' online and print it.  You may download the printable PDF file here (Right click and 'Save As'.  Adobe Acrobat Reader required) and fax it to (214)279-0020.

3) Phone Order: Call 1-877-342-1966 during our business hours (Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm Central Time) for the fastest service. Please have your order list ready when you call.

4) Email Order: Send your order lists or attachments (MS Word or Excel format) to sales@gzintlinc.com.  If you already have an account with us, please provide your Customer ID# and don't forget to mention the method of payment.


Small Size(Less Than $5)
Small Size(Less Than $6)
Medium Size($5-$10)
Medium Size($6-$10)
Large Size($10-$20)
Large Size($10-$20)
X-Large(Over $20)
X-Large(Over $20)
Limited Edition
Limited Edition
Giant Floor Display
Giant Floor Display





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