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 X Kites Distritution
(Plastic Kites, Nylon Kites, DC Sports, Accessories)

DC Sport - Dual Control Nylon Sport Kites

Item # 80840A

XKites® DC Sport Stunt Kites

Dual control nylon sport kites.
Dual control, high performance, fiberglass airframe, stunts, loops, dives, fun to fly.
Retail package with hanger, ready for sell
DC Sport Kite
Assembly & Fly Instruction in English & Spanish
2 handles & lines. Line weight 25 lbs, length 75'(22.86M)

+ wingspan: 60"(152cm) (flat)
+ height: 29.5"
+ sail: Nylon
+ frame: Fiberglass
+ wind rating: 7-18 mph
+ age rating: 10 to adult
+ view XKite catalog page here
(Case of 12 assortment in the colors of(3 each): blue, purple, red, teal)

*Price: $8.00 ea (Minimum Order 1 case)

Order wholesale here

Blue DC Sport Kites Purple DC Sport Kites
Blue Stunt Kites Purple Stunt Kites
Red DC Sport Kites Teal DC Sport Kites
Red Stunt Kites Teal Stunt Kites

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