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Hong Tze Collection (Red Stone) - HTZ



Made of fine sturdy resin-cement mixture and glazed with a protective layer.

  • Chinese Dragon: Imaginary animal which can fly without wings and swim in the water. Symbolizes powerful man standing on justice.

  • Laughing Buddha (also known as Maitreya): is always associated with wealth and prosperity. A very popular symbol of abundance. He is symbol of HAPPINESS, GOOD TIDINGS, AFFLUENCE and of course, ENDLESS WEALTH.
    -Feng Shui (geomantic omen)--Place this happy and joyful Buddha in the southeast corner of your house to welcome extra wealth luck.

  • Kei Loons: Traditional Chinese Guardians! These magnificently standing Kei Loons are designed to be guardians of home. Legend has it that they were originally guardians of the gates of heaven. Possessing the head of a dragon and the body of a horse, the carp like scales on its body holds a mythical tale. Traditionalists refer to this creature as the Chinese Unicorn. Having emerged from the river, it carried on its back the great symbol of Taoism.
    -Feng Shui (geomantic omen)--Place in front of the main door facing outwards. It is believed by many to be the ultimate form of protection. It is said to act as a deterrent against anyone intending you harm. Wandering evil spirits are also said to be frightened away by the powerful figures of the Kei Loons.

  • Chinese Money Frog: A clever frog sitting on a pile of gold (YUAN BAO-ancient Chinese currency made of gold) with a brass coin (TONG QIAN-currency in China back 1000 years ago), symbolizes fortune and good luck with your hard work and clever mind.

Item # htz1014
8" Laughing Buddha
8" H. Net weight 3.50 lbs
-Packing: 12 per case
*Price: $6.90 ea (Minimum Order 1 case)
Item #htz1033
Chinese Money Frog-L
About 5 1/2" Height. Net weight 8.20 lbs
-Packing: 6 per case
*Price: $8.00 ea (Minimum Order 1 case)
Item # htz1039
Relaxing Buddha w/Pearl
About 6 3/4" H. Net weight 7.50 lbs
-Packing: 6 per case
*Price: $9.50 ea (Minimum Order 1 case)
Item # htz1043
Size 7 1/2" L x 3" W x 5 1/4" H
Net weight 2.50 lbs
-Packing: 12 per case
*Price: $4.50 ea (Minimum order ONE dozen)
Item # htz1085
Dragon Holding Ball
Size 9" L x 2" W x 4 3/4" H.
Net weight 1.80 lbs
-Packing: 24 per case
*Price: $5.00 ea (Minimum Order ONE dozen)
Item # htz1076
Kei Loons Set
Pair of Kei Loons in different shapes
Each 6"L x 2 3/4"W x 4 1/2"H
Net weight 3 lbs
-Packing: 12 per case
*Price: $6.95/pair (Minimum order 6 pairs)
Item # htz2057
Mother & Baby Elephants
About 4 1/2" H. Net weight 2.00 lbs
-Packing: 24 per case
*Price: $4.00 ea (Minimum Order 1 Dozen)
Item # htz2006
Standing Eagle
About 4 1/2" H. Net weight 1.00 lbs
-Packing: 36 per case
*Price: $3.00 ea (Minimum Order 1 Dozen)
Item # htz2144
Elephants In Love
About 5 1/2" H. Net weight 2.20 lbs
-Packing: 16 per case
*Price: $6.00 ea (Minimum Order 8 pcs)

  • Shipping charges will be determined upon receiving order (subject to quantities and weight).

  • We ship FedEx ground for small orders and Overnite Trucking (a UPS company now) for large quantity orders on pallets (It will significantly save shipping cost and damage risk if the total weight of your order is over 500 lbs).

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