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Cherry Blossom Brocade & Products

Cherry Blossom PictureAll items listed on this page are made of oriental cherry blossom brocade fabric (also called plum blossom - Chinese 梅花 mei_hua).  Products include: cherry blossom Qi Pao dresses, cherry blossom lady's blouses, cherry blossom halter tops, cherry blossom slipper, cherry blossom handbags,  cherry blossom diaper bags, cherry blossom blankets, cherry blossom baby bibs, cherry blossom pillow cases.  It may be a good idea to include this pattern in some oriental home decor items, such as table runners and cushion cover.  What's your thought?  Write us at sales@gzintlinc.com.


Sky blue cherry blossom brocadeLavender cherry blossom fabricHot pink cherry blossom brocade
- Sky Blue/Silver Cherry Blossom
Fabric Width 35"
- Lavender/Light Purple-Silver Cherry Blossom
Fabric Width 35"
- Hot Pink/Silver Cherry Blossom
Fabric Width 35"
Dark red cherry blossom fabricGreen cherry blossom fabricRed-Gold Cherry Blossom Brocade
- Dark Red/Gold Cherry Blossom
Fabric Width 30"
- Olive Green Cherry Blossom
Fabric Width 30"
- Dark Red/Gold Blossom + Bamboo Leaves
Fabric Width 30"
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Black-red cherry blossom Qi Pao Black-silver Cheong Sam Dress
Blue silver cherry blossom Chi Pao dressesRed gold cherry blossom qipao dress
White Chinese Qi Pao dressesBlack red cherry blossom cheongsam dresses(short)
Blue silver cherry blossom qipao dresssilver purple cherry blossom chipao dress(short style)
Red gold cherry blossom lady's dresses(short)
  • Lady's Blouses

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Black gold plum blossom brocade blouseBlack red cherry blossom blouse
Black silver blousehot pink oriental blouse
Red-gold Chinese Women's BlousesSilver Chinese Lady's Blouse
Black red bamboo leave brocade blousesilver-purple cherry blossom blouse
Silver-Purple Brocade BlousesRed-purple Chinese brocade blouses
  • Girl's Outfit

Kid's Outfit

Chinese girl's outfit - pinkChinese girl's outfit - silver
Chinese girl's outfit - hot pinkChinese girl's outfit - red
Chinese girl's outfit - blackChinese girl's outfit - black/red blossom fabric
  • Handbags

Take-Out-Box handbags


Black/Silver Cherry Blossom Brocade Take Out BoxRed/Silver Cherry Blossom Brocade Take Out Box
Light Pink/Silver Cherry Blossom Brocade Take Out BoxLight Purple/Silver Cherry Blossom Brocade Take Out Box
Blue/Silver Cherry Blossom Take Out BoxBlack/Red+Silver Cherry Blossom Brocade Take Out Box
Black/Red Cherry Blossom Brocade Take Out BoxBlack/Gold+Silver Cherry Blossom Brocade Take Out Box
Silver/Light Purple Cherry Blossom Brocade Take Out BoxSilver/Light Pink Cherry Blossom Brocade Take Out Box
  • Baby Products

(Diaper bags, baby blankets, baby bibs, baby pillows)

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